Are your intangible assets like technology and data governing your digital strategy?

The data economy

I believe, like many, the data economy is simply not well understood in most organisations, its seemingly intangible.  Yet, data and technology are the key drivers of growth and profitability, and CEO’s and Directors should have managing the risk around these intangible assets at the top of their agenda.

Valuing and protecting intangible assets as we grow to become digital enterprises is essential for CEO’s, not to mention by truly understanding all of your current and future intangible assets (not just the digitally enabled) can expose new business opportunity and greater valuation.

Rather than me rewrite this, I wanted to share this article by Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge Global is an excellent summary of the importance of understanding intangible assets and how to value these.

When we are responsible for governing or leading organisations embarking on their digital transformation, we need to be looking at digital strategies through this lens to ensure its presence at the board table.

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