Earlier this week a colleague introduced me to a customer as our ‘Digital Transformation Artist’, and it got me thinking – yes, perhaps DX is an art form after all….

An artist can create her vision from a blank canvas in a way that most of us simply would not consider possible. In DX, using your business strategy as your vision, you have the opportunity to create new ways of doing business.

DX, means something different to every organisation in the same way that a piece of art can be interpreted individually.

In art if you make a wrong move, you can rub it out and do it again, change the angle of the stroke, or have it inspire a new approach. DX is the same, by embracing the pace of change you may decide to stop, pivot, or unlock whole new opportunities. You just need courage and adaptive thinking.

An artist understands the infinite capabilities of her tools and materials, and the power behind these when used in different ways. DX also requires an understanding of tools and materials; people, technology, process and ecosystem (notice I started with people – not tech!)

Creating a masterpiece requires patience, and well, you get the gist….

If DX is an art form, I guess that makes me a DX Artist!

To hear more of my perspective, join me at DX2018 where I will be delivering the closing keynote; ‘The new competitive advantage – innovation, adaptability, and failing fast to embrace the pace of change in a digital world.’……….Key note speeches …….another art form!

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